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Latest security measures you must know before hiring a van in the UK

After a van plowed into a crowd in Finsbury Park and on London Bridge, the security measures have increased in the rental area. In the interests of the nation and to prevent any future attacks those who hire or rent vans might now be subject to additional checks and inspection.

The rental industry is discussing with the government and the police ways and rules and regulations to deter such future attacks. The onus is on the rental companies to tighten their policies and look at better and more effective ways to prevent illegal use of their vehicles by potential terrorists.

Presently almost all rental companies have access to a database of suspected criminals and they frequently check this before leasing out a vehicle. Unfortunately, this database is restricted to crimes related to identity, credit, and insurance and does not cover terrorists. So, one solution could be if the police can verify customers against their watch list immediately after hiring a vehicle the chances of miscreants getting away might come down significantly.

At present, almost all of the rental firms are aware of the terrorist risks and have hotline numbers prominently displayed in their branches for any eventuality. But what has proven to be a challenge is the legal compliance and technological issues and laws on data protection.

The challenges to the police for verifying in real time against their database is the uneven nature of the rental industry where each business has its own system of booking and no standard procedure is followed. Thankfully most rental agencies do not hire out large trucks to customers who do not have abusiness account with them thereby reducing the incidence of an attack to an extent.

Generally, if you have a driving license you can easily take any van for hire in the UK, so those in Edinburg looking for Van Contract Hire Edinburgh just keep these guidelines in mind.


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