The Windshieldis an essential visual component of the car, it blocks the gush of the wind that strikes the car, and we see through it while driving the car. So we need to maintain the windshield properly, such that we get a clear view of what lies ahead of the wheels. The damaged or dirty windshield is also responsible for a number of road accidents. The only way to keep your windscreen properly clean on the go are the windshield wipers. The wipers don’t only keep the windshield clean but give us a clear view through the glass during rains and other sorts of precipitations.

Basically, without the windshields, it’s really impossible to drive during any kind of rain. It can also be used to washthe dirt over the windscreen, the bonnet of the car has water nozzles which spray water or antifreeze solution over the windshield. Then the wipes wash it all. The best windscreen wipers can remove almost all kind of dirt and has a very good quality of rubber. Almost all the automotive brands available produces good windshield wipers, still, we have sorted few of the best windshield wipers available in the online as well as theoffline market. Here they are, BOSCH 23A ICON, RAIN X LATITUDE, RAIN X WEATHERBEATER, AERO PREMIUM, SILBLADE SLX. All these products provide the same specification with efficient cleaning, premium quality materials, and less noise. One of the most irritating drawbacks is the squeaking noise while cleaning the glass. Whenever the glass is dry or the rubber is dry that noise is produced.

According to the windshield wipers reviews few of the signs that if visible, the time has come to change your wipers. They are Skipping, Streaking, Splitting, and Squeaking. If any of these signs are visible, it’s better to buy a new one. The best windshield wipers are not Godly that they won’t show any of these signs of wear and tears. They also show signs of wear but later and if not maintained properly.

The Skipping occurs due to a curvature that is formed due to less use, such as leaving the car in parking lot for a longer time. Streaking occurs due to crack and hardening of the rubber and also due to excess dirt on the windshield. Splitting occurs due to the uneven surface of the rubber while cleaning, happens mostly due to UV rays, the rubber separates from the frame and causes splitting.

Now, what causes the wear of such rubber? There are multiple reasons, such as Sunlight, sunrays deteriorate the quality of rubber. Mostly UV rays are responsible. Some car waxes and oils have rubber corrosive effect. Dirt, small stones, and glass particles also cut the rubber surface. As Carhq said, best windshield wipers are resistant to these agents for a good length but not immortal. Thus it’s always better to clean the glass surface regularly and manually, wiper’s role is most crucial during rain and snow, so it’s better to maintain them and not use them to clean utterly dirty glass surfaces.…

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