The History Of Radar

The Radar guns as we know are used by law enforcement officials in finding out the speed at which a car is moving. A radar detector may be used to avoid speeding in areas where cops use these guns, a search on the internet for the best police radar detector yields a lot of results but one may wonder how it all started. Well, one has to thank some physicists and also the Work War Two for finding and developing Radar.

Around the 1880s, Heinrich Hertz conducted a lot of experiments to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves.  These were just a confirmation of a theory proposed by James Clerk Maxwell.  Hertz also found that these waves reflected off metal surfaces. Later Guglielmo Marconi did some experiments and found that these waves were reflected back to the transmitter.

The first real world use of the above experiments was demonstrated by Christian Hülsmeyer in 1904. He showed that ships that were in danger of collision during dense fogs in the sea could detect each other’s presence with the help of reflecting these signals.

Sir Robert Watson-Watt produced the first radar system that was deployed in the year 1935. During the next few years a lot of studies were conducted and when the threat of aircraft raids loomed large across various cities of the world, the need for radar came into prominence.  Many of the military research establishments across various countries of the Europe and America invested money in research and developed various devices which used the radar technology to detect aircraft and used it to alert people of impending attacks.

After the World War as well many militaries still continued to invest in research and as a result, multiple variants such as Pulse-Doppler radar, monopulse radar, phased-array radar, synthetic aperture radar were developed.

In modern days the pulsed radar is used to detect the accurate distance and speed of the object and they are now widely used by cops and also in ships.…

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